Heyo! So now that you are interested in reading about me, let’s go!!!

- Currently working full-time to build an AI based decentralised social media platform for finding deep connections.

- have 2 years of experience in working at startups and building products from 0 -> 1.

- I talk about blockchain and backend services at tech events in India (looking for my first international tech talk opportunity).

- Graduated in 2023 with a Bachelor’s degree in computer engineering

- Have been coding and learning new tech from the age of 16

- Have been a full-stack dev but currently focussing on backend and microservices.

- I developed a knack for coding during my diploma time at Government Polytechnic Pune which motivated me to join coding clubs and improve my technical skills

- I have been awarded as the Student of the Year in 2017(grade 10th) for my contribution to the school sports and my outstanding academic performance.

- I've led The Phoenix Guild Pune chapter for a year where I was responsible for conducting events and workshops to educate students about blockchain and its applications.

Toppers Felicitation

Speaking at the felicitation ceremony of toppers at my school Dastur.

Hyperlane Advocate

for Pune

Workshop for Shardeum

my first workshop - NFT minting dapp

Student of the year(2017) 🏆

Proudly accepting the trophy that my mom wished for me to win an year ago(but didnt tell me then) and I worked hard for, from our school chairman and our principal.